Well it is time to write again. I have been working on a couple of custom orders and it is keeping me busy. I am happy with that though, because it means I am making money! Yes that is what I am trying to do. I took some photos of the knobs I have been doing.

This is one of my customers order. Birds on a wire.

Some of the new designs… Listings will be up soon.

I have 5 new designs I am going to introduce as soon as they get their (the knobs) photos done. They are in the drying process right now. I have another order I will be starting tomorrow and I will be finishing these up too. I am still working on Ellie and Ethan. Every time I get a piece re-done to check it I create another one to accessorize them some more. Eeeeaks. It can drive ya a bit nuts! I also made new babies that have me going. They are so cute. They will be another pattern, but I think I may sell them too. I like to make them. They are getting easy to do since I am on my 4th one now. I love to make the things for them to wear. Belinda has the sweetest hat. I think I want one for me. I really love a cute hat.

Belinda the Bee

All three of these little darlings are from one pattern. Belinda is a little bit different because I used a larger yarn type. I think she would look better if I had done her in the same as the following two.

Bitty Bunny

Bitty Bunny turned out so sweet. If they make me smile and love them I did something good. These do. Bitty Bunny has a tear. I am not sure why but it fits her. Maybe she doesn’t have any bunny eggs…or one was broken….or the flower stems are poking her…mmmm oh well I will figure that out later…on to Chatter.


Chatter is the male of the pair of birds. I just figured that out tonight while naming them. I had a friend a long time ago and he named his birds Chitter and Chatter and I thought that was the most original names for them. Never forgot that so I need to make Chitter now. It will be fun and she will be just as cute. Chatter is holding a set of keys in one hand and a small bird cage in the other. Maybe Chitter will have a few hearts to fill his cage. Something lovie for sure.

Well check back soon and have a great week.  I am going to be busy.  I will be sharing more.
God Bless…