How To Paint The Staff
How Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph 
look painted…
Here is part two. 
Joseph is just a great piece. 
He is handsome and the way he is standing is very nice.
This set is a happy find for me.
I Love how the three look.
Here are the paints I used for the staff:
*Delta Ceramcoat- Dark Burnt Umber
*Ceramcoat- Raw Sienna
*Patio Pain Outdoor- Woodland Brown
You can use any brand for these colors.
Painting the Staff

Using Raw Sienna and a little water, 
paint the whole staff
with this color. 
Next, using the Woodland Brown, 
and holding the 
brush more on it’s side, 
just hit the raised 
places on the staff, 
making sure not to cover too
much of the first color.
Lastly, using the Dk. Burnt Umber 
paint in places here and 
there, making sure not to cover 
the first two colors too
Be sure to paint any colors left on the staff 
or any other parts, to make sure they match 
in every area. If there is a large area you have to patch.
or a large area with different spots, you will probably
want to paint the whole area a new color.
This shows where I used the first color
with no water and then lower, down with
a little water.  The water will make it  more

Second color applied.  You can see that
there is quite a bit of paint, but it is on the 
raised areas, and not competing with the
first color.  Same as below, the last, 
darkest color is on the very highest, raised
places and doesn’t cover the first 2 colors
much at all.

Don’t forget the top of his staff. 
Paint other pices the same colors and
work with them as if they were also
in need of repair, so that they will
match in the end.

I wanted Mary a bit more subtile on her clothes
and head cover, so I used a lighter blue and a medium blue.
When I patched the few chips she had, I had a bit of 
trouble with the color or her clothing, so I matched
the whole area to the same color.
  I like the new colors.
Baby Jesus was a little bit of a problem when
getting rid of the dark spots. After applying
some of the putty with a paint brush, and letting
it dry, I re-painted his whole body. 
Once again he needed to be
one uniform color to look right.  I added some
flesh tones to make him look real.

He looks way better, don’t you think?

Here is the family!
Love them…

I hope this has helped you with your own
Christmas Decorations.
If you have any questions,
email me here:
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fix or project. Look forward to
hearing from you.
God Bless!