Wow! It’s been awhile since I have written. 
I wanted to give you all an update on things, 
so you will want to peep at this post.
First… Happy Resurrection Day! (Easter) 
I love bunnies and all the lovlies that go with the decorations, 
but they just don’t seem to mean anything to me as far as what they have to do with this day. 
Jesus gave up so much to ignore His sacrifice for us.
I hope your day is blessed!

I know Mother’s Day is a little bit ahead of us,
 but I also know that getting things taken care of early is a plus 
for all shoppers who are buying for Moms, Sisters, Aunts etc. 
and I wanted to get this out so you could 
take advantage of the goodies below.
Before we go too far, here is a little note:
When you are on my Blog itself, 
you can see to the right my Etsy shops, 
where all items I sell there are accessable to you. 
All you have to do is click it and off you go… shopping made easy, right?
 I have decided to slim down on some of the items 
I am selling and one of those is my 
Sweet Pickins Paint Line.  
I LOVE them still, but it is one of the lines I chose to let go.  
This is sad for me but it is good for you, 
as I have made all the 
Sweet Pickins Line at Clearance Prices, 
and that means they are ready for you to get for way less!  
I am happy to offer them this way, and believe me 
I know what getting things for less means. 
So jump on over and grab something great for your
Mother’s Day gift giving.
You will get and additional 10% off with our
Mother’s Day Sale
starting today!
The sale includes my
door knobs too!
My Door Pulls/Knobs and
Sweet Pickins paints 
make great gift baskets!
Cork Bellas are also on sale starting today in my
MMVintage Sweets shop
Happy Easter! Happy Mother’s Day!
Until next time…God bless you really good!