Cutting a tree down and pulping it to make a book? Sure, I am a crafter! By the time it is ready to use I won’t even remember what I had on my mind to write in it, let alone feel like it. You do not have to do that…
I started journaling when I was in my teens, and I now have quit a collection of them. I started with my dreams and it grew from there. Thank God for all those who have journaled before me; today I can just go buy one. I love beautiful journals. My favorite is a 11 x 8.5, suede, baby pink cover, with light lined cream papers and rounded edges, but it is full now. I have looked for this one for about 4 years without success, but I did find a teal blue that I love almost as much. It is the same exact journal, but it is teal. I keep both on my desk for quick reference. I draw my studies when I read my bible and get so excited for what just happened. I pull them out to read and remember my past. I do not make them myself, until now, and even at that I only design them, because I am a graphic artist…but there is a tree I have my eye on.

How do you journal? Is it to take time to collect your thoughts? Could it be to jot down a dream and its meaning? Maybe remember what you are buying for the dinner menu this week? What the pastor said in Sunday’s sermon? However, you journal it is a helper that is willing to hold your important ideas and many mullings. Do you realize you can do whatever you want to in your own journal? There are no rules. It is all about your anything and everything or even nothing. It can be pencil, pen, markers, crayons, and post stamps if you want. Remember it is there for your purpose. Be creative, inspired, and free, uninhibited while using it.

Why am I sharing all this? because my first, Woman’s Prayer Journal was accepted, and I am excited to finally get to post about it. It is said that publishing is easy to do today, but it was not for me. Mind you, I did not use AI for this book, nor will I use it on any other books in the future. It’s all me and I give my Father God all the credit for helping me get through to the end, and get published. I am really happy with the way it turned out.
Inside are pages that will help you keep track of your daily prayer time and notes, plus there is a page for writing scriptures and dates so you will know when you read them. A special page that I like, is the one that you can write the key Bible words and their meanings on. When you are attending your Sunday services there is a place to takes notes in there too. It measures 7 x 10 inches and is easy to have along with you. It’s a great gift for a friend, Sister, Mom or teen.

Learning Psalms 91 Women's Prayer Journal

Ready for your words. Easy to use and take with you.

I would like to say the cover is special too, it is a true photo without changes, incredibly beautiful and it was taken on a semi cloudy day with the sun coming over the mountains, shining through, and bidding us “Good Morning”.

I hope you like it and enjoy it. I would love to hear your thoughts on what you would like inside the next Prayer journal, I would a really appreciate your opinion.

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God bless,