“Aspire to be Inspired”

I have been an artist for most of my life. I started drawing and painting when I was about 8 years of
age. I love colors and movement; drawing to see what comes out, and painting to make something
so good I don’t want it to leave me. But I needed to share it with others, so I began my shop on Etsy in
November of 2008. Growing and learning each step of the way, and enjoying the freedom of working from home.

I was looking for a way to sell my designs and art to others that would be functional and cost
effective for them. I love re-finishing furniture and found myself using my designs on the pieces I was
making. With a lot of admiration from others, they were asking if I would do the same for them…
thus I began my Door Pulls adventure. While I share my designs and talent with others they can have
as many pulls as they may need or want, and in any design they choose. I am now able to do all my
sharing and in the meantime being a blessing to others. They incorporate my designs as they re-finish
their own furniture. With unique and beautiful finished knobs they create a labor of love in that piece
that they will cherish and aspire to look at every day. Something they will be proud of for a long
time to come.

Every knob is like a baby unto itself. I paint each one 2 to 3 times and then add my designs and seal
them to be a beautiful piece that is truly one of a kind. This is a process that I do myself for each
knob I make. Each knob completed is hand made.
When I add a new design it gives me a real sense of what people are looking for, even if it is just from
the feedback I get from my customers. I have had so many customers say they want their knobs in this
color or that, with this added or that taken away and in all that comes more inspiration to create
and re-create the designs I offer.

Recently I have added designs that I have not totally designed myself but love just the same. There
are a lot of talented people out there and I utilize some of their creations in a mix of my own; with
their permission of course. The designs have to speak to me and give me a feeling of lusciousness.
Just lusciousness! May sound crazy, but I know it does the same for my customers.
This too aspires me to be inspiring and share.

I get so excited to launch a new design. I love that about having my own business and being able to
share with others.

Hope you will be a part of that….God Bless!