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Why is it taking so long? Can you help me out a bit?  Keep reading to the end to see how.

Today, I am back to work on updating things you all want to know about.  First of all I hope you are all well and doing good at the first of this new year.  I hope you are progressing in this crazy day to day we all live in. I have a few things to share today, so let’s get to it.

Since publishing the first Psalms 91 Woman’s journal,  I found I needed more room to write my notes, so I decided to make the companion journal and now I  have more area to use. If you are one of those who likes to deep dive study and take extensive notes this is a must have. Inside there are “Notes” and “Study” pages, two non labeled pages; then the book is in sections of “Writing” pages to use at your hearts content. I’m sure that those who like to take a lot of notes will appreciate the added companion as much as myself. You can find it here:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CRPXKW7Y

Womans Prayer Journal Companion


close behind at getting those finished and out for you all, I  am still working on the Cork Bellas new Edition.  Realizing when I take photos of the new Cork Bellas, I have to edit the corks that have logos or printing on them so they can be added into the book.  It has taken awhile to get this accomplished but I am close to done.  I am hoping that it will be out soon. I know I have said it already, but truly I can’t wait to publish it.  There are so many cute Cork Bellas in there for you to be inspired by.
Loving Silver Cork Bella

Can you help me out a bit?

  1. If you have purchased the first edition and have any ideas or requests on how it would be better for you and others, please send me an email with your ideas, it will be greatly appreciated.


2. I am taking your votes on what you would like best, as a customer, either a PDF download or a soft cover book.  It matters to me what will suit you best.
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Check back soon as there will be another post with more exciting news to share with you in just a bit.

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