Hey Everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know we moved the old web page and it is so much better.  While you brouse around, there are some changes that we have made. Most of the items we sell will take you to the proper place to purchase them.  Knobs, Cork Bellas and books are usually in our Etsy shops.  Kmadson Etsy shop has the full line of knobs, plus custom order availability and it is easy for you to make your purchases there.  Pay close attention to the knobs in the Etsy shop as there is a 10% off coupon in the description for you to take advantage of.  MMVintage Sweets Etsy shop has our vintage items, Cork Bellas and the Cork Bellas Books along with vintage jewelry and vintage items. Check back often to see ads for discounts and special offers there.

Our old blog postings have also been integrated into the new web page as well.  You now can review posts as far back as 2011.  You will have access to tutorials for painting furniture, making three tiered dishes and more. Fun stuff!

In the near future I will be offering FREE Mini Courses and classes you can be a part of.
The classes considered right now are as follows:

*Watercolor Cupcakes
*Cutest Jean Purse
*Cork Bellas
*Tin Soldiers + MORE…

All of these are in the works and are in line to be offered as soon as we can get them ready.  Again…FUN STUFF!

Last, but not least…I will be sharing some inspirational words from my morning devotionals, my home in beautiful photos, home crafts, outdoor projects, all the news and the beauty here with you.
It’s not as fun without you!  I’m so excited you’re here with us, to share our future together.
Leave me a line and let me know if you have interests you would like to see here on the site. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Have a great weekend and God bless.



Special Thank you to Wishnet Design for getting our new page moved and on it’s way!
If you need help with your web page, they know their stuff!

My kitchen and our crop of beautiful pears!

This is a photo of last years pears, in my kitchen. All of our trees already have budded and flowered, so we should have another large crop this year! Do you have trees? What kind? Do you can your fruits? Love to hear from you.