So I have been busy…how about you?  There is a lot to tell you all, but where to begin.  Last time I was on I shared the little dresser I found at the Good Will. Well I went to my thrift store and found the most amazing piece that an artist can probably find.  This beautiful bronze statue of a most lovely, couldn’t get any sweeter little girl holding her dress and reading a book bust.  She was only $19.95.  GET OUT! I was thrilled to say the least.  She now sits in my front window and I have my coffee with her every morning. Blessed.

Since joining Pinerest I have found so many wonderful things I love.  One of them is dishes with line drawings and they are just so cute, inventive and inspiring  I have to try making my own.  I ordered my pens and I found some really nice cups and saucers at an antique store in Los Alamos and a set of 4 cups at the thrift store that are vintage.  I am really taking my time as to what to draw on them, and as yet haven’t decided on what I want to do, but they are the target of my endeavours here soon. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

If you are interested in trying your hand at making some here is a link that gives you all the supply info. you need. I just love this tutorial.  Love the work she did on her dishes.

Well there is more to say and I am planning on it soon…really soon.  Until next time…God Bless.