Hey Everyone,
 I wanted to share this coat hanger I made for my grandsons this last week. I found this hanger at the thrift store and since it was only $1.68 I had to buy it.  I was going to make a little coat hanger for our entry way so my grandsons could hang their coats on it but is was a little too long.  I thought about giving it to my niece who just happens to have the same name as the sign, but she is a very chic girl and loves all things Paris as her Aunt Kim so I decided to make the little rack for my grandsons.  

This is the way the hanger looked when I bought it…  Adorable as it is, it is not something for 2 tough and rugged little boys.

I wanted to get it done quickly so I just put down the red patio paint on top of the already blue/green color.  I painted the trim yellow.

I used 2 biplanes as the background.  I printed them large, cut them out and mod podged them on.  I side loaded my paint brush (side loaded is when you wet your brush and drag half of the brush hairs through the paint and the other half is just water)   with black and worked a dark border around the outside.  I then watered down the black paint and brushed it around the inside of the border.  I used a paper towel to mute and lift the paint, which gave it a old worn look.  I used the watered down black paint over the yellow and then wiped it off before it dried.  The black paint will make the whole thing come together. 

I then added the custom knobs.  They have the boys names on them and one plain one in the middle, then I used the same ribbon for the holes at the top.

They were very happy with it and have made plans on what goes on each knob.