Hello Everyone,

I hope things are going well for you all. I had a wonderful Easter and with Mother’s Day this weekend I will be having more I am sure. My grand sons went on the church Easter Egg hunt and they had a blast.  I love watching them.  There eyes are so full of life and wonderment. Such a joy!

I decided to go in together with my daughter-in-law on a 3rd Etsy shop and have been very busy with it. We are here: 


It will offer paper products and jewelry and as much vintage as we can get. I love to do photography and have some nice photos that I want to offer too, so they will be up there some time in the future. I didn’t make it with my name this time only in the first 2 letters, the M&M which stands for Madson & Madson because we are both Madsons.  M & M Vintage Sweets.  I like that name and I like the logo we have as well.  I am very excited about it.  Right now I have listed some of my post cards and book markers to start, but we have things going up here in the next few days. Here are a couple of the necklaces we are putting up tomorrow.

Uncaged Love necklace and 
Alice in Wonderland Bottle Cap bracelet

I am offering my book Applique My Heart in pdf form to my Madson Ave buyers.
 (  https://www.etsy.com/shop/MadsonAve)  

I love quilting and taught it for a few years before going into Real Estate. It has been out  in hard copy and now as a pdf download which is so much easier for buyer and seller, and I think it will be a benefit to anyone who loves to applique.

So soon things will be humming right along.  The first shop I opened has been going like gang busters lately and the customers are just so supportive.  I love it.

I hope all you Moms and Grandmums have a great Mother’s Day!
Until next time…
God bless you!