Happy Memorial Days past.  Hope you all had a nice holiday and Honored the men and women who serve this great country of ours.  Thank you all, from the very depths of my soul!  Thank you!!!

I took the day to work on a new piece I recently purchased.  It is a 20 drawer cabinet and I loved it when I first seen it.  Vintage and need of some repair, but not much.  I painted the drawers with one coat of Patio Paint Burgundy Rose.  The color is somewhat of a cherry wood color.  I lightly sanded down the whole cabinet with a light grit sandpaper, wiped it with a tack cloth and then used Minwax water based Wipe-On Poly.  It is a wipe on polyurethane sealer.  This stuff works great, and is so easy to use.

This cabinet has two holes to cover from the handles that were originally on it. I would have used the original handles (maybe) but one was missing, so I decided to re-design it  to what I wanted.   I wasn’t sure how to use the Door Pulls that I had chosen. I wanted to use some of the new knobs I recently added to my Door Pulls line from Etsy, and ones I found here and there that  I loved when I found them. (please see note at bottom)

I decide to use a circled back plate and design it to match the same design as I used on the knobs.  Then after measuring and drilling a hole in each drawer where I wanted the knob and plate to be, I screwed them in place, pulled the knob to see that it fit tight enough and it came off into my hand. 
So today I bought longer screws and more back plates to finish this great piece of  furniture.

I also wanted to add some of the Vintage jewelry I have been collecting to the bottom holes.  LOVED THAT!!! Wooo-Hoo!  I am so excited.   Since I am not finished yet I will be adding another post on this project.  Here are a few more pics to show you what I have so far.  Enjoy!

If you want to order any of the knobs with the plates in the back I will make you a custom listing.  Just go to my Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/kmadson) and email me with your request for a custom order. Include the knob(s) design you would like to have and I will send you an email with a link to your custom order.   There you can purchase your request.  Each set is $11.50 plus shipping and handling, or you can purchase just the back plate for $6.50 each.
(NOTE: the back plates that are listed on Etsy are not as thick as the ones shown. The price of $11.50 is for one set which includes one knob and one back plate.)
God Bless!

Some of the designs I used don’t belong to me so I cannot resale them. Sorry.    Please check my Etsy.  There are a lot to chose from. I can even work with a design you may have in mind.  K.