Wow! Time just keeps going by. I have been working on my new studio with my husband and son. It is finally up and ready to paint the inside. I am so excited! I have the rugs to put in and then I can begin to organize all my work areas.
I haven’t been able to do too much by way of new art, but have so many plans and things I want to create.
I have paintings in my head that are screaming to get on canvas, drawings that want to be on paper…arggg! Hold on!
I have done some drawings and am pleased with the way they turned out. I have a new digital from the drawing “Pearl’s Treasure”.

I am going to have it ready soon for post cards and book markers too.
I have also added the new post cards to my collection and posted them on Etsy.

Recently I completed a custom order for these musical instruments. The customer really liked them and they turned out nice. A few years ago I drew in inks and would draw allot of this kind of art. I loved it and I still do it on occasion, so I decided to name this line of art Zebra Art. I have some very cute pieces I will share some time.

Until next time,