It has been awhile since I have written. I have been very busy. We did a show last weekend and had a lot of great people come through. Really nice compliments from everyone too. I wanted to share some of our newest items we are making and I have to say I love making them too. My daughter-in-law and I are sharing my business now and we are pushing forward to the holidays coming and the biggest event, my very favorite time of year, Christmas. I started making 2 and 3 tier serving dished and am in love with them. Dishes! I am now looking in every place I go for a great dish to add to my collection for the perfect match or compliment to the 2 or 3 tiered designs. Here are a few we have made and are getting ready to sell at our next show.
This one is my own. It made it’s way into my heart and it stays on my vanity.
I have also fallen in love with the wine stopper hangers. I have my favorite one of these too, and it hangs on my car mirror.
I have a few pics from our show.
I saved the hotest car or I should say truck for last…
Enjoy! Until next time….God BlessYou! Kimberly