I did get the photos I wanted to get taken today. I did get some of them edited and I did get some of my things listed. Booyah! I will not be able to be on here for the next few days so when I am able then I can share more with you. Here are a few things I have listed tonight on Etsy. So cute!
These are my little pin cushions. I use one every day and I love it!


Mini Easter Basket just to make you smile!


Sneak peak at tomorrows listings… French Cafe or Luscious Cocoa I can’t decide.

and…. If I can get them finished Ellie and Ethan my little elephant amigurumis

I will be on here tomorrow if time permits to list some of the things I couldn’t get to today. If you like seeing my blog please join if you haven’t already. I would love to have you. Share it with others,
Later my little peeps…