completed design
Today I have been working on my knobs and so I decided to make a tutorial, sort of 
on the process of getting them on an unfinished dresser. So here goes… 
The first step I did was find this little dresser.  It was at the Goodwill and I bought it for $6.97.  
What a deal! Nothing is wrong with it at all!  WoooHooo!
 I cleaned it up which didn’t take long because it was pretty clean to start with 
and took off the original knobs.
Then I designed what I wanted to have on it for the background. I decided to leave it the original finish so I can change it later to display more knobs when they are finished.    If you want to make the letters on your dresser, using stencils will do nicely.They have really a nice selection at the craft stores.
 I placed my new knobs that I have listed tonight 
on the front of the dresser. Screwed the backs in and I was done.  Great knobs on a cool find…

I hope you liked the tutorial.  Let me know please… Thanks and have a wonderful week…Until next time.