My first time using Anne Slone paints. 
I have to say I have been a painter for many years and was getting the same results with acrylics, washes and sealers at much less cost, but I do love the colors and waxes she offers.
Here is the tutorial for the small cabinet
I re-finished with Anne Slone paints and waxes.
The colors I choose for this piece was Coco and Old White with both clear and dark waxes.
This little case had seen better days when I spotted it at
a local thrift store. After much thought I
choose my paints and emblem and began working.
I took everything I could apart to begin with.
I removed all the shelves so I could
 get to the ugly green felt backing and take it out.
 I then removed the glass so I could paint
without getting the paint in places I didn’t want
it to be.
I discovered the metal piece in the center was removable
and replaced it with the one shown below.
This was attached once the whole thing
was completely painted and waxed. 
I found this great piece here:
I used E-6000 to attach it.  E-6000
works great and doesn’t come apart easily
once it is dry.

After removing the green felt I glued some of my
favorite scrap paper to the back side.
I painted the shelves and the door
along with the side panels and top.
Painting is easy enough.  Nothing new when
you use the paints.  Just use your favorite
color, paint and let dry. You may want 2 coats.
I then waxed all the pieces before re-assembling.
When you want to use the dark wax there
is a process you might want to take.
In order for the dark wax to be easier to work
with you will need to apply the clear first.
By putting the clear on first you
seal the pores in the wood so that the dark wax
doesn’t hold as well and it can be moved
around or wiped off without too much work.
If you apply the dark first it will be much
harder to remove, darker and permanent.


After I re-assembled the whole thing
and put a new pull on the door and
I fell in love with this once ugly
It turned out quite nice.
Anne Slone paints were smooth and easy to use as well
as the wax.  Love the colors!  They are beautiful!
The buffing is a little bit labourous but the
results are worth it.
There are 2 more projects that I will be sharing
soon that go with this one. They make a
3 piece set that have turned out to be
some of my favorites.
Until next time,
God Bless!