Happy Valentines Day…

Sweet little nothings are ready to be shared this week and I wanted to give a special Valentine thank you to the people here that follow on my blog.  
Happy Valentines Day to you all and I hope Love finds you and keeps you.
I also wanted to share with you that
 lately I have aquired  things that I cannot sell on Etsy and my new web site isn’t quite ready to launch, so I thought I would place some awesome things up for anyone interested.  I will place the photos and cost of the item or items and then you can buy them if you like.  When you email me that you are interested I will send you an invoice from Paypal to your email.  From there I will send your order out.
Here is some of the first items I have to offer:

These are so beautiful and elegant.  
Used originally with a Pasquini Espresso Machine for a Italian
Style cup of coffee.
To learn more about the Pasquini origins you can read here:
There are no chips or cracks.  They are in perfect condition.
Email me at:
Kmadsondesign4u@hotmail.com if interested

You will receive 6 cups total for $45.00 plus S&H

I will need where you want them sent to figure out the shipping.
This is in perfect condition.  No chips or cracks.
$34.00 plus S&H
Email me if interested at:

I hope your Valentine’s Day is Awesome and would love to hear any comments or feedback.
I will have more soon.
 Until next time…