Happy Labor Day Weekend!
While you are shopping and have some great B.B.Q this weekend. Stop by and check out some great deals going on this weekend in my Etsy shops..! I have posted a few things for you to see.
Best of weekends!


MM Vintage Sweets

Vintage Knobs

Vintage Knobs  Half an order for  10 Designs of your choice

Necklace Keepsakes
Labor Day Sale Necklace Keepsakes 

Silver Vintage Owl
LABOR DAY SALE Silver Vintage Owl and Gold Toned Owl Pendants

1929One Hundred and One
Labor Day Sale 1929 One Hundred and One Famous Poems (HC) Roy J. Cook

Antique Victorian Pastes
LABOR DAY SALE Antique Victorian Pastes Rhinestone Perfume Posion Pendent Crown

 Beyond Button Hello Baby
Labor Day Sale Beyond Buttons Hello Baby Necklace

Cork Bella Vintage-1923
Labor Day Sale Cork Bella Vintage - 1923 Fashion