Hey All!
I think I have seen Spring peeking
through with its little blossoms. 
 It is warming up and I am glad. 
I want to share a feature I found the other day
from “Simple Things”.
Thank you for the feature. It’s awesome!
Stop by and see it here:
Very nice.  Thank you!
Easter is fast approaching
 and Mother’s Day follows right behind. 
Time just flies, doesn’t it.
 I have some items to be listed 
soon so they will be available for our

Sweet Moms on her special day.
I thought it would be nice to share some of them
with you today.

    I have a few new Cork hangers I will be
listing on Vintage Sweets
 I have some really cute hanging chalk boards
that I have added for you to see.
I don’t have pictures showing
that I have added ribbons to them.
Each one has a bow at the top in
black, brown or pink to hang them with.
You can buy them if you wish.
Just send me an email and I will make sure
to save the pick of your choice. There is only one of each,
so don’t wait if you decide to get one.
 I still need to list them on Etsy. 
I have never made these before but they are the cutest!
I used Vintage and old jewelry on each one.
They are$13.00 ea. for the small
round ones and $16.00 for the square ones
 plus s&h

 I have listed a new set of knobs
 on Kmadson which I have included
today as well. 
Theses are available to
order by visiting. Kmadson
 The new designs are :
Assorted Corsets Paris France Drawer Knobs 6 pc set
Until next time…
God loves you and
Be Blessed!