Happy Friday All. I have to say this day has been quite a sad day. My heart goes out to Japan’s lovely people. Very concerning for us here in Ca. It breaks my heart to see others in such peril. They are in my prayers..

Today I did get some work accomplished so I am happy about that. I will be putting new things up in my Madson Ave Etsy soon. Cute stuff.

Tim of Handmade Design started a new site that I am participating in and it is pretty cool. Anyone in Etsy can join in and they did away with the password account sign in this time, so I like that. Jot over to look at what they have and use it if you have an Etsy shop. Vote for my listings while you are there too for me. Here is the site address:
These are my listings. They seem to be doing pretty good.

It is the weekend so enjoy yourselves, love your family and friends and God Bless You…Kimberly