Vintage Knob Rugged Gentlemen of Distinction 4pc Set

Vintage Inspired Gentlemen of Distinction, a bit more Rugged.



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Sophisticated wooden round drawer knobs, “Gentlemen Rugged”. They are more then just vintage they have a look of being worn out and it shows on the outside top and on the base.  This set and the “Vintage Knob Gentlemen of Distinction 4pc Set” shown on the side were made to be complimentary to one another.

These rare designed door pulls are only available from Kimberly Madson Art & Design. Ready to use, and beautifully designed.

f you like the design, but would prefer a different color on the base, please contact me. I will make what ever color you need, as long as it is something I would have access to myself.

Each knob is made of wood. Each is painted and decoupaged with high quality art prints. Each one is coated in a layer of high gloss sealer, this makes the designs very durable.

Need more than 1 knob or set? Contact me and I will make a custom listing especially for you.

Purchases of more then 6 at a time will not be refundable.
If you have something in mind that you would like to order,
please send an email so we can talk to you and make sure
everyone is on the same page as far as the design and outcome
of your purchase. Please make sure when purchasing more than
a set of 6 that they are what you are wanting.

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PLEASE BE AWARE!!! Each knob is handmade and is slightly different from one another. Each one is made by placing a waterproof, smear proof, and fade resistant print on the top of the knob. Since the knob isn’t flat the paper overlaps and causes minor creases. I do my best to eliminate having any as much as possible, but it isn’t always possible. I cannot offer refunds for these creases. Sorry. These are not manufactured by any means. Completely handmade. Each is painted and decoupaged with high quality art prints. Each one is coated in a layer of high gloss sealer, then a high gloss medium is used on the front of each that makes the designs very durable.


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Small (1.5), Large 1.75)

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Rugged, All Black base