Cork Bella Vintage -Thumper

Cork Bella Vintage -Thumper is ONE OF A KIND decorative cork ornament.


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Cork Bella Vintage -Thumper is ONE OF A KIND decorative cork ornament.
Made with an original EOS wine cork. Thumper has a 11 in. brown suede leather cord, and measures approx. 18 inches total length. Gold findings on the ends with amber crystals. Buttons on top and bottom in marbled browns. A domed gold button and small finding crown the button on top. The cork itself has a golden basket of flowers attached to the front. On the bottom is a gold wreath with 2 golden bells and 3 amber crystals, followed by the favorite little bunny everyone knows as Thumper. Truly one of a kind.

Each designed piece has an original cork from a real wine bottle; adorned with beautiful items from vintage past or that are one of a kind pieces that have been re-purposed in making the most of each piece. You can make then into lasting memories when you design with items from a wedding, birthday or any special occasion.
They are absolute chic on your own wine bottles, on lamps or on a vanity. I have placed my favorite one, on my car mirror so I see it every day. I love it!

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Cork Bellas by Kimberly

This is a One of a Kind Cork Bellas. Only 1 available!